About Us

We met many years ago while working together. We formed a partnership in 1994 and started our first Kitchenette. Our vision and aesthetic taste for food is completely alike. Our restaurants exemplify who and what we are. We like warm, cheerful surroundings. Our tables are all made from old doors and our restaurants are filled with architectural artifacts from upstate NY.

Lisa Hall is a native New Yorker who attended the French Culinary Institute and later lived and worked in Paris. Lisa still resides in NYC with her husband, her two children and their dog.

Ann Nickinson originally comes from the Boston area. She came to NY in 1974 and has owned her own food business since 1981. She is self-taught and has loved cooking from an early age. She lives in NYC with her daughter and their two dogs.



email: kitchenettenyc@gmail.com

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