Lisa Hall is a native New Yorker who attended the French Culinary Institute and later lived and worked in Paris. Lisa and Ann met well over 20 years ago and formed a business partnership when they opened the first Kitchenette in 1994.  It was a small 11 stool luncheonette in Tribeca that served only breakfast and lunch.

Lisa resides in NYC with her husband, their son who attends FIT and their daughter who is in high school.  Lisa spends her work week toiling at the Morningside Kitchenette.

Ann Nickinson comes from the Boston area. She is self-taught and has loved cooking from an early age.

Her career started by baking and selling at local NYC farmers markets.  When Ann and Lisa met over 20 years ago they immediately began planning a new venture, now known as Kitchenette. 

After many years working at both Kitchenettes in NYC, Ann moved her with her teenage daughter and their 3 dogs to Kingston, NY.  Ann can be found most days working and baking at High Falls Kitchenette.



For over 20 years our team at Kitchenette restaurant has worked tirelessly to bring our comforting and delicious dishes to you at reasonable prices. We have come a long way since the early days of our hole-in-the-wall 11 stool restaurant in Tribeca (back when Tribeca was an artist community) and we are looking forward to continuing to bring you delicious dishes for many years to come.

The current minimum wage rate is now $11/hour and will increase to $15 by the end of 2018.  That’s a 66% increase.  We have always strived to provide living wages in a great working environment for the wonderful employees of Kitchenette. We face many new financial challenges in the years ahead. On top of the increased labor costs necessary for living wages for our employees, rent, food costs, and other operational costs continue to rise. As such, it will become necessary for us to slightly adjust our menu pricing, to cover these increased costs.

We appreciate your loyal patronage over these last 2 decades and hope that when you enjoy a meal with us you will not only enjoy the delicious taste of the food, but also the comforting aftertaste of having supported a progressive company.





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