Year’s End

As 2011 quickly draws to an end, we would like to take a moment to thank our loyal customers and staff, both new and old for being part of the life we live at Kitchenette restaurant. We are quickly approaching our 18th year and it is with wonder and amazement that we think back to our humble beginnings when Kitchenette was a mere 11 stools and a lunch counter. We served eggs straight from the frying pan, over the counter and on to a customer’s plate. We were surlier back then, Ann and I, if you can believe it. Age has tempered us. We still love what we do and can’t imagine doing anything else but it was simpler back then. Ann and I say it all the time, we are cooks by nature, much happier in the kitchen, behind the scenes, doing what we love. Time does not permit that of us as much as we would like. But, if you happen into one of our places during te day and do not see us around, we were probably able to steal a moment or two and go back to our roots, back to what made us go into the restaurant business to begin with, back into to te kitchen where are hearts really are.
Happy holidays and an even happier New Year to all.
Lisa and Ann

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