Childhood Memories

Often times something will occur that will instantly bring you back in time to something wonderful  in your childhood. That exact thing just happened to me when Lisa and I along with Kitchenette were asked to participate in a new ad campaign for Hellmans .During this photo shoot we spoke about our uses for Hellman’s in our recipes in the restaurant. Now , let’s face it , who doesn’t like a healthly dose of Hellman’s.  It got me to thinking and as a child my family and I used to visit a distant cousin in the state of Maine. On this yearly visit we were always welcomed with a chocolate layer cake which she proudly made with mayonnaise. Now, before you start saying “yuk” remember the main ingredients of mayo are eggs and oil. This chocolate cake is moist and light and when covered with a coating of chocolate cream cheese icing it is nothing short of sublime.
I was so nostagic for this cake I baked one up and have the pictures to prove it.
So, if you thought that your jar of Hellmans was only good for a tuna sandwich or a BLT on toast, think again.
Hail to the Mayo
Bon Appetit

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